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The right guts for it

August 16, 2016

At Topigs Norsvin we are investigating if selection can be performed on

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Selection for longevity works

August 16, 2016

High total feed efficiency in the value chain is dependent on sows

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Influencers of Total Feed Efficiency

July 22, 2016

Topigs Norsvin regards feed efficiency in the entire production chain as being

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IFIR: an important tool for better FCR

July 9, 2016

With the IFIR stations on our nucleus testing farms all male descendants

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Breeding the perfect teammates

June 22, 2016

Topigs Norsvin is continuously adapting breeding goals to support the needs of

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Tor Arne Sletmoen new Regional Director for Topigs Norsvin

June 21, 2016

Topigs Norsvin is pleased to announce the appointment of Tor Arne Sletmoen

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300 million breeding values a day

June 15, 2016

During the last 40 years Topigs Norsvin has moved from writing performance

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Combining all available technology to realise even more added value for our customers

June 6, 2016

More and better pork produced with less feed. That is Topigs Norsvin’s

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Total feed efficiency includes the whole production cycle of pork

May 30, 2016

TFE has improved over the years by reducing the input needs and

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Total Feed Efficiency improves 0.8% per year

May 28, 2016

Over the last 6 years Total Feed Efficiency improved by an average

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