Better AI to benefit more from top genetics


Better AL to benefit more from top genetics

AIM Worldwide, Topigs Norsvins’ AI department, is continuously developing new and innovative ways of realising better AI. The next challenge is to produce more semen per boar.

This is not primarily to reduce semen cost, but to increase the use of the boars with the highest genetic merit. A move to premium boars may enhance the earning model of the stud. Using premium boars boosts the value of the whole chain, with a significant increase in value per finisher.

AIM Worldwide makes considerable efforts to enhance individual boar productivity. This includes optimised feeding and treatment, modern housing, and also reducing semen concentration.

Technology that enables exact counting of semen cells is a prerequisite for opening these doors. Many studs produce 1000 to 1400 doses per boar. The future the target for AIM Worldwide will be 5000 to 8000 doses per boar.

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