IFIR: an important tool for better FCR

IFIR: an important tool for better FCR

With the IFIR stations on our nucleus testing farms all male descendants of our terminal boar and sow lines that we test are individually tested during rearing for feed uptake and feed efficiency. Feed conversion can be determined precisely from individual data for feed uptake and weight.

There is a slight difference between lines when animals go on test, but in general, feed intake and efficiency are registered individually from 30-40 kg to 120-130 kg under ad lib feeding. Combined with fat and muscle thickness, CT data on specific lines, growth curves, and exterior information, this gives a highly reliable and heritable picture of each boars capacities!

The IFIR feed stations are different from those for sows that specifically dose a portion of feed for an animal. Topigs Norvsins IFIR feed stations allow the boars to be fed ad lib so that they can realize maximum growth and feed uptake. Topigs Norsvin has used feed stations for almost 25 years. We now have more than 600 feed stations worldwide that provide data for our breeding program every day. In 2015, more than 70 new feed stations were added to the program.

The progress is also clear in everyday practice. The top 10% of animals tested have a feed conversion well below 2.0 and the best score almost 1.5!


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