With InGene you can produce Topigs Norsvin sows on your own farm using the knowledge and support of Topigs Norsvin. You effectively become the breeder for your own farm and benefit directly from the genetic progress Topigs Norsvin realizes.

You only bring semen onto the farm, no animals need to be brought onto the farm anymore. The best maternal grandparent sows are used for the production of a new generation of maternal grandparent sows. The others produce parent sows.

Gain access to the best genetic material

With the InGene system of Topigs Norsvin you can use the best genetic material directly from the top of the breeding pyramid on your own farm.

Make use of Topigs Norsvin knowledge

With InGene you make use of Topigs Norsvin knowledge. Our specialists support you in every aspect of breeding and selection.

Become a part of the global breeding program via Pigbase

Your farm, and in particular the breeding activities on your farm, will be linked to Pigbase. This means that the sows on your farm can be included in the extensive worldwide Topigs Norsvin breeding database.

Advantages of InGene

  • You only bring semen and no new animals onto your farm; health risks are minimized.
  • You produce gilts with a farm-specific immunity, stabilizing the health status of your herd.
  • Maximum genetic progress according to your needs.
  • Sow performance data from your production environment is included in the genetic evaluation of your breeding stock.
  • Customized selection on the basis of farm specific characteristics is easy to realise.
  • Access to semen of dam line boars from the Topigs Norsvin nucleus.
  • User friendliness: Due to the integration in the sow management system and customised breeding advice from Pigbase, InGene is user friendly.