Topigs Norsvin

Topigs Norsvin

The world's most innovative swine genetics company

Topigs Norsvin is renowned for its innovative approach to implementing new technologies and a continuous focus on cost-efficient pig production. Research, innovation and dissemination of genetic improvement will be the cornerstones of the company. Continuous and strong product improvement will enable clients to achieve significant added value in their production.

Breeding program

The breeding programme of Topigs Norsvin is unique. The combination of high-throughput phenotyping, large-scale computer tomography of boars, global nucleus breeding, massive gathering of production data and genomic selection will accelerate genetic progress leading to innovative products and solutions that benefit the whole chain of pork production.
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With a production of more than 1.8 million crossbred gilts and over 11 million doses of semen per year, Topigs Norsvin is one of the biggest swine genetics suppliers in the world. Each year more than 118 million slaughter pigs are produced with Topigs Norsvin genetics.


Topigs Norsvin is more than the best swine genetics meeting the needs of pork production and marketing. We stand also for the best knowledge and support. Our specialists advise and help producers so they can get the most out of our genetics.

State of the art

Topigs Norsvin also offers state-of -the-art artificial insemination (AI). Our knowledge and technology in this area is the world leader. Topigs Norsvin is farmer owned, with a philosophy of paying dividends through genetic progress from applied research and development (R&D). Farmer-owned meat processors and a feed supplier are minority shareholders.