Total feed efficiency

Total feed efficiency

Topigs Norsvin stands for efficient pork production. Topigs Norsvin genetics give the highest Total Feed Efficiency across the entire production cycle from farrow to finish. Feed costs are the most important costs in pig production and are set to rise in the future. Feed efficiency is therefore a vital aspect of pig production. Our genetics are the most efficient feed to pork converters because our sows and finishers have both a low feed conversion and a low mortality.
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Other aspects that influence Total Feed Efficiency:

Sow longevity:

Topigs Norsvin sows are easy to manage, strong and produce many large litters in a lifetime.

Lactation efficiency and fertility:

The outcome of Topigs Norsvin balanced breeding programme for sows is a high number of piglets born per litter and a good lactation efficiency.

Vigorous piglets and finishers:

For more than 10 years Topigs Norsvin has bred for piglet vitality. The result is uniform litters of vigorous piglets.

Low mortality finishers:

Topigs Norsvin pigs are vigorous, which means they have a low mortality rate and high feed efficiency.

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As feed costs are the major contributor to the cost price of a pig efficient utilization of feed is essential for an enterprises economic profit. That  is  why  Topigs  Norsvin  regards  feed efficiency in the entire production chain as being  the most important feed  efficiency characteristic. Read more about the work Topigs Norsvin does regarding Total Feed Efficiency. Click here to go to the articles.