Breeding tips by Magnus

Breeding program manager Magnus Haandlykken is one of the breeding experts at Topigs Norsvin. He helps customers breed the best next generation. This means gathering and using high-quality data, minimizing genetic lag and appropriate selection. Resulting in sows that fit the customer’s specific needs and circumstances. His tips for better selection and better breeding:

  • Minimize the genetic lag in your nucleus sow population. Using parity one sows for the production of pure-line litters is highly recommended.
  • Aim for a reasonable replacement rate of production sows. This to keep up with the fast genetic improvement at pure line level.
  • Ensure access to the best pure-line boars available with the shortest possible distance to the genetic nucleus. Replace your boars at least twice per year.
  • Ensure a good bookkeeping of pedigree and sow performance data in your sow management system. Good data quality allows you to exchange your data with the Topigs Norsvin database. That makes it possible to support you better.

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